Logo Design Stunning, Eye Catching Logos

 A logo is very important and is the first thing a person looks at. We're glad to have worked ChameleonFX, thank you!

- Starci pty ltd, David -

Any company worth its salt knows the importance of having a customized and personalized logo as part of its web design. Your logo is your official symbol. It is a way of getting your business noticed and remembered just by visual association. A good logo design effectively penetrates the minds of customers and the public alike, ensuring that whenever it is seen, it is associated with its product or company.

Since logo designs are for keeps, it is imperative that you create one that will stand the test of time. That’s why you need the award winning web designers of Chameleon FX to help with your logo design. We understand just how important it is to the future and progress of your company and with our help, we will ensure that you connect with your audience in a unique and long lasting way.

What Goes into Creating a Logo?

Logo design can never be a ten minute process. Yes, we are web designers and ideas keep popping into our heads but unless we fully understand the philosophy, the values, the mission, the products and the goals of your business, we cannot deliver a holistic and long lasting product. This is why we take the time to know your business back to front to ensure that we encompass your vision entirely.

Our Collaborative Logo Design Approach

Our logo design approach is a collaborative effort. We begin by sitting down with your marketing and senior management team to understand what you are looking for in a logo and how you perceive your company’s image. We talk colors, shapes, sizes, pictures, visual associations and ultimately try to get into your heads, so we can see what you want us to see. Our web design team is fully aware that unless we capture the vision that you have for your company, we will never be successful in our endeavor. So before we get to the drawing board, we collaborate, discuss and review before finally getting to work on a first round of ideas.

Logo Design is an Iterative Process

We don’t expect you to be fully satisfied with our first round of submissions. That is why our logo design package includes a number of rounds of discussions and submissions before the final logo is accepted. Our web design team continually uses its artistic capability and strong aesthetic experience, to present a series of options that are designed to meet your needs and requirements. Through our collaborative discussions we take pride in guaranteeing that our web designers always deliver a product that is suitably apt and appropriate for your company’s image.

Our Logo Design Package

At Chameleon FX, we want to provide a logo design package that makes sense and ensures that you get the most out of your buck. We won’t leave you with a whole bunch of hidden costs after you work with us. No, we want you to walk away satisfied that we have served you efficiently and comprehensively. Once the logo design is finalized, our team of web designers will present you with all the vector artwork related to the logo, so you can effectively and freely adapt the logo to suit any other avenues you may require.

We also offer a few additional benefits such as ideas on how the logo can be incorporated in your office stationery, business cards, presentation folders and web design, along with a discounted rate if you choose to use us for these needs as well. We are eager to collaborate with you, as we make your logo design hopes a reality.