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 The team at ChameleonFX are truly outstanding and helped us through the different stages of creating our brand new website. I was impressed with the design and professionalism. 

- Greetings from Our CEO, Elanor -

20 years ago, when customers wanted to know more about a company, they had to physically visit it and obtain a brochure. Today, they can sit in their home or office and get all the information they need any time of the day or night. The Internet has made information infinitely more accessible to infinitely more people, quite literally expanding markets for businesses and potential sellers for customers. However this evolution has demanded that firms develop strong and attractive websites, as this becomes their primary source of publicity and advertizing. Web design that is poorly structured will lose visitors instantly. It is estimated that 40% of users do not return to a site when their first visit is a negative one. That’s why you need a competent and exciting team of web designers like the award winning staff of Chameleon FX.

Web Design Myths Revealed – The Homepage is the First Impression
Fact: In 50% of cases, online visitors are directed to sub pages of your site.

What this means is that your homepage is not necessarily the first impression you will make with your online visitors. It could be any part of your website and the web design team at Chameleon FX is acutely aware of this fact. We understand the importance of ensuring that your entire website is well structured, formatted and laid out. It is our endeavor to make your site a treat to view, navigate and utilize.

Web Design Myths Revealed – Users are Internet Savvy
Fact: 30% to 40% of all web users are considered lower literacy users or individuals who are uncomfortable with the Internet and website navigation.

Since higher literacy users are already online, the growth in Internet usage will only come from the lower literacy segment making it imperative that your website design suits their needs and requirements. As we begin the web design process we encompass all the principles that make your site friendly to all segments. From the text to the location of key details to navigation, our team of experts is keenly aware of how critical their role is in ensuring your site is top notch. It is estimated that 60% of the time, users cannot find what they are looking for, which is why we at Chameleon FX are constantly at work to make your site as easy-to-use as possible.

Web Design Myths Revealed – Serious Buyers Study your Website In-depth
Fact: Most serious customers only look at 2 to 3 pages on your site.

Visitors who spend a great deal of time reviewing your site and its sub pages are usually the competition. To get serious buyers to purchase your product, your site needs to be aesthetically user friendly, easily accessible and always urging action. Our team of web designers can effectively help you achieve superlative results.

Our Range of Web Design Services

At Sydney-based ChameleonFX, we provide a detailed list of web design services throughout Australia catered to helping you achieve your vision and goals. We can help you enhance your existing site, add components to it to improve its utility or if you are just entering the online world, we can take over all aspects of your Internet presence.